Profesör Doktor Gamze Sinem Çağlar

In Vitro Fertilization

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Prof. Dr. Gamze Sinem Çağlar

Professor Doctor Gamze Sinem

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist


If you are unable to conceive, than IVF treatment offers you the highest probability of pregnancy!

Numerous biological problems may underlie infertility problems of a couple with regular intercourses. Of note, half of the problems are related with men where the other half is about women. Whatever the cause is, IVF treatment offers you the chance of having a baby. In IVF clinics with latest technology, the pregnancy rates are quite high. The pregnancy rate of a woman at 40 years of age is 15%, this rate is 40% in a woman at 35 years of age and 60% in women younger than 30 years. Despite a negative result at first cycle, the chance of pregnancy increases if you continue with IVF treatment.

The answer is one step beyond: With IVF treatment you can relieve the stress about infertility and you can catch the chance of having a healthy baby.