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Professor Doctor Gamze Sinem Çağlar

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Uterine Myomas
Oocyte freezing

If you are unable to conceive, than IVF treatment offers you the highest probability of pregnancy!

Numerous biological problems may underlie infertility problems of a couple with regular intercourses. Of note, half of the problems are related with men where the other half is about women. Whatever the cause is, IVF treatment offers you the chance of having a baby. In IVF clinics with latest technology, the pregnancy rates are quite high. The pregnancy rate of a woman at 40 years of age is 15%, this rate is 40% in a woman at 35 years of age and 60% in women younger than 30 years. Despite a negative result at first cycle, the chance of pregnancy increases if you continue with IVF treatment.

The answer is one step beyond: With IVF treatment you can relieve the stress about infertility and you can catch the chance of having a healthy baby.


Endometriosis is associated with low quality of life. If you have endometriosis you might be suffering from pain and infertility. Many treatment options are waiting for you to restore this condition!

Endometriosis is highly associated with infertility. The treatment of infertility in endometriosis patients needs to be planned by an expert in this area. When the main problem is pain then numerous medical treatments can help to resolve the pain. 

Endometriosis is sometimes surgically confirmed. In addition, the stage of the disease is documented with surgery. Surgery is required in selected cases of endometriosis either for pain or infertility. Surgery for infertility by laparoscopy increases the probability of conceiving in early stages of the disease. If you have advanced stage endometriosis, IVF is the best treatment option. On the other hand, excision of endometriosis by surgery also relives the pain.

Do not let endometriosis ruin your life! You can manage it by a help of an expert.

Uterine Myomas

Do not let the myomas be a nightmare for you! With modern surgical techniques you can easily get rid off the myomas. All the pain and heavy bleeding will be over after surgery.

Although myomas can be detected at any age, they are more common in women over 35 years of age. Heavy menstrual bleeding, mid-cycle bleeding, pain and infertility are common symptoms. Some myomas show no clinical symptoms and are only detected at gynecological examination with ultrasound.

Among the treatment modalities surgery is an option. The necessity of undergoing an operation for uterine myoma depends on the size, number and location of the myomas. It is possible to get back to your daily life in short time

Oocyte freezing

If you have not still met the man of your life, then by freezing your eggs you will not miss the opportunity of having a baby in the future!

A low ovarian reserve might be due to family history of early menopause, previous ovarian surgeries, genetic reasons, chemicals and advanced age. Oocyte freezing with oocyte pooling will give a woman the opportunity of preserving fertility in case of low ovarian reserve.

Moreover, any cancer treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, oocyte freezing helps for your future plans about being a mother. Frozen eggs can be stored for years. After thawing these stored eggs are used for fertility treatments.

Do not forget that advanced age is related with low rates of live birth rate. Not only the quantity but also the quality of eggs diminishes in time. The best time to freeze your eggs is before 35 years of age. In brief, keep in mind that you have the opportunity to freeze your eggs for your future plans!